Adieu Cliche: do all lesbian women have short hair and look like men?

For me this cliche is one of the worst in terms of women who love women. I mean - how cruel and insulting? Grr. Makes me angry.

The funny thing is that, when I was younger, this old cliche even helped me in an important time of my life: when I was 18, I found out that I feel attracted to women. At that time, my hair was long, down to my shoulders. I grew up in a small but very sweet town, called Graz in Austria. The gay scene was tiny and not yet ‚out and proud‘ like it is now. Back then, I’ve asked myself: how will I ever recognize women who love women? Of course: ‚they all must have short hair!‘ To make it easier for me, at this stage of my life, I decided to also cut my own hair short, so that I can be a part of the gay scene and get ‚recognized‘ by other lesbian women. So, I kind of used this cliche to somehow help me in this situation where I couldn’t really ask my parents or friends for help.

'Why is it ...That gay men always had that 'style and sense for beauty and Fashion' while lesbian women have'no taste and dress like men'?

Today, in 2018 I don’t even think about hair anymore and I wear it the way, I think, it suits me best! I never ever have thoughts like: does this look too lesbian? Also, why is it that gay men always had that ’style and sense for beauty and fashion‘ while lesbian women have ’no taste and dress like men‘? Pff—that is just not true! Just take a quick look at these awesome women: Cara Delevingne, Portia de Rossi, Ellen Page, Ruby Rose, Phoebe Dahl, Michelle Rodriguez, and many many more. They are all lesbians and, like all other women on this planet, they are very diverse and thats a good thing! On my Instagram, I show the world that I love: women and fashion, style and beauty. My followers are mostly young women, between 18 and 24 and they ask me a lot about how they should style and dress. I always tell them to copy the things they like and step by step they will find their own styles. 

For me, I am proud ...

I am proud to be called a lesbian woman, even if it comes with many cliches attached to it. And I think, that is the answer, to say: ‚hey, I am a woman who loves women, still I do have long hair and look cute or not and wear boyish clothes or not but hey, I am cool just the way I am‘. Ciao!