Casa Cook KOS


Welcome back!

Call us crazy but after, my girlfriend and me, had been to Casa Cook Rhodes in May, which was the first Casa Cook Hotel opened by Thomas Cook, we loved it so so much, that we also had to check out the brand new Casa Cook situated on the island KOS. And we`re so damn happy we did because it was even better! :)


On our first trip...

to Rhodes we`ve already loved the beautiful and minimalistic decoration, the food, the pools and the whole place in general. In my opinion, Casa Cook KOS is kind of 'next level' because the whole hotel area is very close to a beautiful beach. Also the rooms are seperated in little houses, so it feels like, you`re staying in a small village. Everything is very calm and chilled, we didn`t even recognise all the other people during the day. The pool area is very inviting and there is a DJ playing in the background every day.
The sunbeds are very fluffy and comfy and you can order drinks and food all day long.


Food, food and more food

The restaurant at Casa Cook KOS is open all day long and it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the morning, there is a huge buffet that offers everything that you could wish for: yoghurt, fresh fruits, different kinds of bread, there is an egg menu, cheeses, granolas and you could even order pancakes which I love a lot.
We choose the half board option, which was a very good choice this time as the dinner, that they offered, was more than delicious.
We had a lot of different dishes like a black risotto with shrimp, lamb, greek salad, fish, hummus, awesome tzatziki and many more.
From the dining area, you could also see the sun go down which created a very romantic atmosphere.


Hotel room love <3

About the rooms, there were, of course, different categories available. Some even got their own small shared pool and terrace. We had the pleasure to have a huge elevated terrace with a very nice view to the sea. It was an awesome feeling to see the sun go down every single evening.
There also was a cozy hammock you could take a nap in, which I did many times ;)
On top of the minimalistic and super nice interior of our room, there was a Marshall portable Speaker, so we could listen to our own music and an iPhone we could borrow and use for free.


Beach life

Casa Cook KOS has their own beach area with fluffy sunbeds, so this was the place we`ve been the most. Me, I love to just look at the water and waves. It gives me that certain feeling of freedom, so I enjoyed it very very well.
Even left my comfort zone to do some stand up paddling, which was provided by the hotel as well.
Sometimes it was a little hard to get a sunbed but they`ve already told us, that there are more on the way, so for the future, every guest will easily get one.

PS: Pic not by me.


Perfect Get-away

For me, Casa Cook KOS is the perfect little 'Get Away'! It is a place, where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy some quality time with your partner.
I loved the thoughtful design of everything and could`ve spend hours of taking pictures, which I also did! haha
If you`re into adventure and excitement, this is not the right place for you, as there is not much going on, around the hotel area.
But if you want to take a deep breath, read and just look at beautiful things, you should book your flight asap.


As a lesbian couple ...

we`ve felt very welcome at Casa Cook Kos. As you might know the feeling of getting looked at from time to time - we`ve never felt uncomfortable in any situation. The hotel staff, as well as the other guests have been very open, respectful and friendly during our stay. We would come back here again and again!



HOTEL overall *****

DESIGN *****