My Online Dating Story


Tinder, OKCupid, etc

We all know the struggle of dating apps and the issues you have to deal with, especially as a LGBTTIQ+ person.
How easy it was to get in touch with people when we were young (or how easy it seems to be now, when we look back) and how difficult it is if you’re older than 25.
Scrolling through an endless series of pictures with snapchat puppy filters, blurred selfies and group photos (Lord please, let it be the pretty blond one!).
After 3 weeks you delete everything and after one more week you install everything back again. Law of nature …

Since my cooperation with HER Social APP, I thought maybe it’s time for a little sneak peak into my love life ;)


My First Kiss ...

happened when I was, I think, around 14 years old - but it was with a boy, I have to admit.
Me and my family were on holidays in Croatia and I sneaked out at night .. that is all I remember.
With 18 I had a dream about kissing a woman, since then everything in my childhood (the short, hair, the boyish clothes) made sense to me and I knew, I would never be with a boy again.


Love At First Sight...

Yes, of course, it does exist! I even discovered it once myself. It is an amazing and breathtaking feeling, but not the only way and maybe even not the 'healthiest' way to fall in love after all.


The Most Important Thing In A Relationship...

Trust! That “special” connection and being a team but also stand strong as an individual.