Q REVOLT - A portrait of women who love women


Last month...

I had the opportunity to be part of the project Q Revolt from Rita Braz. It’s a portrait series about women who have only one thing in common: their sexual orientation. Her idea was born in 2013 when traveling through Croatia and Bosnia.


"[...] we felt so aware how different our lives would be if we’d be living there instead of

Berlin.  Somewhere in Sarajevo I saw “Q REVOLT” in red written on a wall. I had no idea what it

meant but to me it was the start of a whole journey. I wanted to show something to the world

and hopefully be able to change opinions about women like me and my friend." - RITA BRAZ



Rita started a ...

campain at kickstarter.com and collected 5.500 Euro from 105 supporter to shoot about 100 women and print the book till December 2017. Her very own target: To break the stereotypes and celebrate the whole spectrum and diversity of women who love women all over the world. Rita shoots women, in their self chosen and most comfortable place, with an analog camera. The photographs are very intimate and personal - reflecting the personality of the model.

When I first ...

heard about it, I’ve instantly decided to support her project on kickstarter. Ritas message is so important! -To break clichés and show how different “our community” is - especially in countries with very little acceptance for other concepts of life.
Iam very proud to support her idea and be part of it at the same time. If you want know more about the project, check out Q Revolts Kickstarter Page.