Outfit of Week #24


Outfit of Week #24

Hoodie: Supreme x Michael Jackson
Shirt: QRevolt
Pants: &otherstories
Sneakers: Yeezyboost 350 V2


King of Pop

I am sure everyone has figured out my huge passion for streetwear by now? If not: I love love love love it! Pretty much since I was a child I loved sneakers and was skateboarding outside with my friends. Other than that I was (and still am) the biggest Michael Jackson fan in the world. I am not ashamed to say that at all, because I think he was one of a kind, a visonary. And his looks, from years ago, still influence many designers up to date. So of course I went crazy as I`ve heard that Supreme and MJ will be having a collaboration! I bought the hoodie, the shirt and the black skateboard. Had to buy everything from resellers though but this was totally worth it to me. So folks, it can happen that you`ll see me in this gear a lot. hehe