Meet Valentin Hirsch

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Meet my favorite Tattoo Artist ...

Valentin Hirsch


One of the ...

most frequently asked questions is: “Who did your tattoos?". There`s one simple answer: All the "big ones” were done by no one else than Valentin Hirsch.


Valentins Studio ...

is hidden behind undescript alabaster glas in Berlin Neukölln. Only the plain initials VH reveal who’s actually working there. You’d almost think someone is working inkognito deliberately - quiet and without any walk-in customers.


Valentin was raised ...

in Eschwege, studied graphic design in Vienna and moved to Berlin in 2009. Inspired through Berlin`s creative spirit, he started tattooing at well known tattoo studio AKA Berlin. About three years ago he opened up his own studio in Berlin, Neukölln. Valentin sees himself more as an artist then someone who is doing casual tattoos, which is mirrored in his work. Over time he developed his very own style and his unique feature - the unmistakable symmetries.

It’s not just about to transfer art into skin, but to involve the person itself into the work of art. Next to aesthetics, your emotions are the most important thing in a session with Valentin Hirsch.


No pictures ...

on the walls. Valentins studio is very clean, without typical decoration and loud music. He wants all the attention on the arising piece of art he is about to work on. The calm setting supports the whole situation and you feeling very comfortable and perceived. Valentins pleasant character just gives you the support you need -  lets call it a little quality time in pain ;)


PS: Latest additon...

Valentins comment to my design choice was: 'Finally, Daniela! Finally you`re ready!' ;)