Our Casa Cook Experience (Rhodes)


“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.”

- Robert Louis Stevenson



Travelling as a queer couple isn’t in general different from straight couples. You just have to consider one thing: You want to maybe kiss you partner in public from time to time - so choose your destination wisely!

Thats why we`ve decided to visit the greek island Rhodes this year. With 25 degrees the island offers a perfect climate for the first summer experience.


The hideaway from Thomas Cook is located in Kolymbia near the mountain “Tsambika”. The design has been inspired by a bohemé lifestyle with lots of natural fibers, wood and concrete. The wonderful jungle motives behind the reception and the restaurant have been designed in collaboration with artist Karine Eibatova.

Nearly everything you see at Casa Cook Rhodes is for sale at their very own hotel shop (surprisingly there are even price tags on some of the decorated items  in your hotelroom).

The hotel is explicit gay friendly and just for adults. The personal attention you get is amazing and we would recommend it anytime.



Each and every room has direct access to a private or sharing swimming pool and a private veranda with your own sunbeds. Depending on your bungalow you enjoy the mountain view and some goats every morning. The whole design of the hotel is reflected in the rooms and suites - vacation for all senses! No flower wallpaper and curtains, just natural fiber, linen and muted colours.



The catering is influenced by traditional greek kitchen such as vine-leaves filled with rice and feta cheese. The breakfast consists of fresh bread, fresh pressed orange juice and a huge collection of super fruits - everything you need for your perfect holidays. Our personal favourites: The black pasta with salmon and the “S Mojito”.





Hotel overall *****

Design *****

Restaurant ****

Service ****

Gay Factor *****

To bring a litte 'Casa Cook' feeling to your ears, listen to this awesome playlist, done by their resident DJ Loukas Toumpakis!